Can I install and run Z from a SD card?

I am new to Zorin and Linux. I would like to try Z along side Win10. I have an Acer Aspire E15. The machine has a built in card reader. I also have a card reader which connects through USB3. I have not looked into the BIOS yet.


Yes, though I have never tried it through a card reader. You can run using “persistence” on a USB stick.
Connecting through your USB3 should be the same in principle.

The only real issue is the bottleneck created by using the operating system funneled through One USB Port. Please do not expect blazing fast speeds…

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I also feel its important to note that you can’t just use any SD card on the market. SD cards come in different speeds. For best performance, you want an SD card that operates at 150MBPS read and at least 80MBPS write. :wink: