Can someone fix my partitions remotely?

My Dell Latitude has a 320GB HDD, but when I installed Zorin (accidentally wiping Win7 instead of keeping for dual-boot), most of that became “unallocated” or free space outside the file system. Soon /home and /var began filling up and needed expanding, but I don’t trust my grasp of Gparted. Also can’t tell if Remmina will let an expert do it for me (its user guide on GitLab is hopelessly geek-centric). Anyone out there with expertise in this kind of thing?

Instead of doing it by remote access. If you post a Gparted screenshot of your current partition setup, and describe what you want to do, I am sure we can talk you through it.
Remember, Gparted doesn’t do anything to your disk whilst you are planning your partition changes including resizing etc. Only when you hit “Apply” do the changes actually take place.

You should always backup your data anyway before you start playing with Gparted.