Can Zorin be installed in other location than c drive?

Hi, can Zorin be installed in another drive other than c:? I installed it in my F drive and got the “Fatal: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted.” after running Zorin in VirtualBox.

VirtualBox location:

F;\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

Zorin virtual disk image:


Zorin under Devices > Optical drive is not checked

Zorin vdi file Storage location is in the F;.VirtualBox

Yes it can I dual boot with Zorin and Win 10 .... Win 10 is on my C:/ drive and Zorin is on my D:/ .... sorry I know nothing about VirtualBox .... I sure someone else will be along shortly to help you with the VB .....

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Can you label a linux partition in windows?

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I don't think so or at least I couldn't that is why I had to take extreme caution when viewing my partitions in Win to be sure I didn't format my D:/ drive when I was setting up my dual boot .... if you can I sure hope someone tells us how to do it ....

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thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

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