Canceled the installation of zorin in the middle of installation

I tried to install zorin OS in my Windows Laptop but I did the flash thing on a USB stick because I was told so. But I wanted it in my computer and not on the stick so I canceld the installation by the Last step " Install your New Copy of Zorin OS" (Install Zorin OS - Zorin)
... Stupid idea
So after that I shut down and restarted my Computer in the hope everything will be alright :upside_down_face:...
At first there was this black Screen with the zorin Logo and Something loaded but soon it stopped... So i pressed ESC :grimacing:
Then a lot of Errors popped up and now my Computer wont do anything... It stopped at the line "end Kernel panic - not syncing: attemped to kill init! exitcode=0x00000100"
I cant even force the Laptop to shut down.. i cant even tipe in this.... Black Screen thing (Sorry I dont know anything about that computing stuff :sweat: ) I only wanted that pretty Desktop Environment :tired_face:

Please someone Help me :pray:

No problem.
Flashing the .iso to the USB stick does not install it to the USB stick. It just makes it a Bootable Copy.
Boot up using the USB stick and enter the Try Zorin Mode and run the installer all the way to the finish and you will be fine.
Once installed, you can remove the USB stick and reformat it for whatever purpose you wish.

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But how do i get out of that black screen?

Power the computer off.:wink:
Then plug in the USB stick and boot from it.


For future reference, never stop an installation mid-way, his can cause corruption of files. And as you seen in your latest endever, kernel panic. Always see an installation all the way through.

A new install should fix it I agree.


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