Cannot change screen brightness Zorin 16 notebook

I just realised I also cannot change the brightness of my laptop monitor

Is it an OLED screen?

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No I think it's LCD screen, this laptop is almost 10 years old

You might try the indie Brightness-Controller:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/brightness-controller

sudo apt update && sudo apt install brightness-controller

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Is that a typo? controller? I typed sudo apt install brightness-controlller into the terminal and it can't find the package.

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Fixed, sorry.

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Do I need to reboot or it works automatically?

It is a GUI app - should appear in your app menu after installation is complete.

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It works but it doesn't integrate with gnome's brightness and Zorin Os theme because the application is not dark theme control. Sad

I believe it is built with the QT toolkit.

If you want a brightness controller that integrates with Gnomes controls, a gnome-extension may be the way to go.

Hmm ok I will install gnome tweaks and maybe try some extension, yes it's a QT application I always don't like that two toolkits look weird, when I was using KDE I always cringed when I see a GTK application on KDE

I understand completely. I am the same way. You can use qt5ct to make QT apps use gtk themes on Zorin OS.

Ussually I just completely avoid QT apps because they look really off, I once saw my brother using dolphin on Gnome and I just can't

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I don't know if it will help you, but there is a brightness control keyboard function shortcut fix in the tutorials section of this forum.

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Is it this?

How to Enable Screen Brightness Function Key Combinations (Zorin 15.3)

Yes. But before you try that would you run uname -r. And place the output into the following command at the end:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure [uname output]

Once you start typing Linux-kernel and hit tab it should auto complete.

It's a simple possible fix that's safe to try (won't break anything i mean).

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linux for hardware support has always had various glitches, my oled monitor in zorin can not adjust the brightness, but also need to use third-party methods to be able to, but pop os can perfectly support oled monitors, but pop os also has a disadvantage for the thunderbolt 3 support is not too good.

I heard that the kernel above 5.13 supports oled displays to adjust the brightness, I upgraded my kernel, but still can not adjust the brightness

Did you try rebuilding the kernel? What version is your kernel?

My kernel is 5.13

I just switched kernels, I didn't rebuild them