Cannot click Zorin Menu and Activities Button on Gnome

I've been using a combination of the default desktop layout with the app grid menu and a custom hotcorner extension (yes, i use Gnome Tweaks) since i first installed Zorin 15 and had no trouble whatsoever with it. But now i noticed that the default Zorin Menu and the Activities Button cannot be clicked anymore (see GIF below). The bug applied to the Applications Menu as well.


I don't use them anymore but it still bugs me why they don't work? I've searched Ubuntu forums and one explanation is that the Gnome settings files are corrupted and the solutions are to either make another user and move my files there (definitely not doing this because setting up my dev environment is tedious), or to delete the Gnome settings files (.gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity).

Is it safe to delete those files and what are the effects of it? Is there another safer way?

The method you describe is as "safe" as any other. Removing those files will cause the system to revert to default, replacing those files with the default stock files. You would then need to carefully tweak your settings again, being wary of recreating the bug you are trying to solve.
Normally, I do this one setting at a time, then testing before changing the next value.

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Thank you very much! I followed your advice and found the culprit which is the Gnome extension "customcorner". It deactivates the default whatever function triggers (app grid and activities in my case) when said function triggers get selected in the extension's configuration.

By the way i used dconf reset -f /org/gnome/ to reset Gnome and then re-set up my extensions one by one. That's how i got it.

Thank you once again! Cheers!

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That is some detailed sussing out of the culprit and solving. Thanks for sharing that solution so others can follow.

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