Cannot download Zorin 15 Lite

I have been trying to download Zorin 15.3 Lite for the past few days, to put it on an old computer that I have (am already running Z15 ultimate on my main kit). However, I’ve tried several of the mirror sites and just can’t initiate the download; I’ve tried Germany, Holland, France, the UK site and none of them will start the download. Is it me, or are there problems?

Still trying. Currently on but absolutely no response. It was never this hard a year or so back when I first picked up Zorin. Isn’t there a UK mirror site?

I’ve tried and I can download directly from the Zorin site, somewhere between 1 and 4Mb/s.

When you download you can click on the link for download issues and it shows other mirrors.

Maybe you are timing out?

Have you tried downloading from the terminal using curl or wget? You may see the speed that you are downloading at. Also wget allows the --continue to continue a halted download.

Many thanks for that. I had already checked the panel for other mirrors and tried several, couldn’t get those to work either. Timeout seems likely.
I have finally acquired the file using someone else’s internet connection, elsewhere…maybe I am just cursed by having a rural broadband, but I have not had any particular difficulty downloading files from other sites either today or yesterday.
I’ll make a note of the terminal commands, this is something I’m still learning, to be honest.

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Vorboss is the UK mirror. Click the “Problems Downloading?” button to see the complete list of alternatives.


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