Cannot launch app in system tray

When I try to launch an app, like Clementine, from the Zorin bottom right system tray it gives me a bunch of options for changing tracks but none allow me to relaunch the application. I can't even get to it from Alt-Tab which usually cycles through all open applications but Clementine isn't in the list. How can I cycle through apps that arent in the alt tab list but that I know are running in the system tray if there is no maximise/restore context menu when I click on them?

This turned out to be a known issue with Clementine I found the fix for it was to turn off the system tray option in the menu. Great advice given that the application was no longer accessible but the fix for this was to edit the file $HOME/.config/Clementine/Clementine.conf and edit the TOML styled file and turn off the hidden option from there.

So problem fixed but if it ever happens again it would be good to know if there is a way to get to applications that have hidden themselves from the Alt-Tab applications list so will be interested to know if anyone else has had issues like this.

Great info, thanks for updating with that.

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