Can't access drive from within an app

Sorry for the noob question. I am really new to linux. Running Zorin-OS 16. I use Protonmail and my desktop client is Electronmail. I am trying to attach a picture to an email. I've been trying to tinker with permissions and such but this here is giving me a hard time and I am sure it's something simple. So, as I said, I am trying to attach a picture to an email. Problem is, when I go to browse for the pic, I can only see the "Home" and "Downloads" folders. No others are visible to the email client. I am just wondering how to change that. When I browse from any app, not just my file manager, I would like to have access to choose from any folder. I mean, it's more often than not, that one would be attaching a picture over any other file, yet my "Pictures" folder can't be accessed from within the email client. This is not acceptable lol...

I'd appreciate any assistance from the experts in here :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!


Did you install Electronmail using Snap?

snap list

Yes I did.

Hello Tes,

I do not have snap installed personally so I cannot verify this, but from what I've read a permissions button should be available from within the Sofware app. If you open the Software app you can view the Installed applications by selecting that pane at the top. There if you click Proton Mail you should see options to launch, remove and modify permissions for Snap applications.

Just to note:

  • For non-snap applications, permissions are modified from within Gnome Settings.
  • For Flatpak applications, you need something like 'Flatseal' to modify permissions.
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