Can't access my Storage

I have created 2 partition of Storage. 1st is for system files and 2nd for my personal use. I know that I can't cut or paste anything in File System Storage cause the owner is root but yesterday I restarted my pc for some reason and I wasn't able to cut or paste anything in my 2nd storage partition. In properties it's showing that the owner of 2nd Partion is root. But when I was setting up the pc the owner was set to Valiant Boy(i.e. me). How can I transfer the ownership to myself from root of 2nd Storage Partition?
Valiant Boy :slightly_smiling_face:

You may have to edit the fstab. No matter how many times you run chown in the terminal, it will be successful and not change anything because fstab is trusted by the system and anything that modifies those entries will be ignored.

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