Can't access usb drive under Zorin 17 Core

I save files under Zorin 16 Core before installing Zorin 17. After I installed Zorin 17, I had no problem accessing my usb drive which I copied files from usb drive to documents and pictures. After I finished with that, 2 hrs later, I can't access the usb drive under Zorin 17 Core. Please Advise. Thank you very much.

Any error messages or warnings? Does it appear on the file explorer? Have you tried disconnecting and connecting it back again? Try also different ports on the computer, and if available try other USB sticks; do these work?

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Dear Zenzen:

Thanks for the fast reply. I tried other usb ports with no luck. However, usb drive on outside looks scratched. I used a different usb which has zorin 17 core which I can access which isn't damaged.

How old is the USB stick in question? The last time I was at work my manager asked me why she could not access her files on her USB stick. I pointed out that, just like SSD drives which uses the same technology in USB sticks, don't last forever, just like HDD's don't last forever.

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Dear Swarfendor437:

My usb stick is about 2 yrs old I think.

However, i got rid of it.

Everybody, thanks for your assistance. I'll try to be a little more careful.

Hve a good day.

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