Can't connect to any Online Accounts - from builtin Zorin/Ubuntu Settings

I used to sign in to my google account in Ubuntu, to get storage access to the Nautilus file manager and it made life easier.

Whereas, now I moved to Zorin and, I can't connect to the Google Account, the authorization sign in opens, I log in using password and 2step verification, but at the time of authorizing the permission, the loading bar gets stuck and then the window automatically closes after some seconds. This is happening everytime I tried connecting online accounts!

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What application are you using, is it a browser or a email wizard like application :question:


It will be the builtin Zorin wizard. I don't use such services so can't help.

Just to clarify, I was talking about the Zorin/Ubuntu settings where if I connect to Google account, I would have automatically got access to the GDrive in the Nautilus file manager.

This one?


Yes, exactly, but the problem is it doesn't go anywhere after I click "Allow" for giving permission to GNOME for accessing my G Account, here's a recorded video of the issue :

Online_Accnt_Zorin_issue.mkv - MEGA

I found that there are a lot of bugs present in the feature you are trying to use since it was introduced, here is the list :joy:

Although I tried my best to Find/Create a solution using my system but no conclusion was found :man_shrugging: . You can try reinstalling the service but it may crash your entire system, So I suggest you use the online version of the service if accessible through your Browser :smile:. BTW thanks for providing the reference video.

You can also try to look for any sign in attempt in your google account/devices or check applications with usage permission, if you find your device registered, then it can be concluded that it is an internal connection error between Ubuntu and Google.


There were multiple accesses given, concluding, as you suggested, internal problem

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