Can't download apps from software store

Downloads from software store are stuck on 0% and don't seem to move at all. (From small size downloads to big size ones). But the thing is that , i can download them easily from terminal. My download speed is 200kbps. Is there any fix for this.

The software store is a little buggy. Try downloading after sometime (maybe after a reboot) and it will work.

Btw I've restarted it many times but if u say I'll try once again and report here.

It happened to me. What error did it shows? It usually have an error.

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No errors, just stuck at 0 %.

Well I restarted and found out that some apps do start installing but some still remain stuck.

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try if this video can help: Fix ubuntu software center install stuck - YouTube


A couple other threads started within the last 5 hours have noted similar issues. There may be some server outages. But if terminal is working for you, I would stick with that for a day or so and then check the Software store and see if it has cleared up. If not... we can try troubleshooting Gnome-Software...

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Ok, I'll then wait for some days. If the the problem persistes, I'll ask you later about that troubleshooting. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks, in the meantime, Rui07 made a suggestion just as I was typing my post that may be worth looking into now if you prefer.
I just happened to notice several users posting about a very similar issue during a short amount of time.


Thanks :smiley:. I'll try this and report here.

My own suggestion: Don't use software store. Use synaptic, terminal, or
It will make your life much easier :wink:


Most of the users and i suggest deleting snap and flatpak, use synaptic and terminal to install. More reliable and less bloat from duplicate dependencies.

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though there is few application that "only" have working or updating its snap but their .deb isn't as good as the one in snap. Example the one I'm currently using, Lunacy. When I update its version using .deb, it didn't work. The problem isn't in update but the new .deb file from the official site isn't working whereas their snap version works smoothly. I was like "So I need your snap so I can use your updated version and I can enjoy you." Oh well, I don't want to limit my creativity so. hahahahahah


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