Can't download ZorinOS Lite

I'd like to install Zorin Lite on an old laptop, but I can't download it.
When I try, it downloads through the mirror but it fails after a few seconds.
I tried through firefox and with the wget command, but none of both worked.
Is there a problem with the mirror ?
Btw, I'm french, so if there is a France mirror, it will be cool if you could give me the link.
Thank you !

When you visit the download page, you should see an offer for "Download from a different server..."
Click that, then you will see a new list with " Select a nearby mirror for a faster download:"
In Europe, we see Paris, France listed:

There are others throughout Europe, should the Paris server currently be overwhelmed with requests or having issues.

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It seems to be long, but it works !
Thank you so much !

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It may be that the servers are in high demand.

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