Can't dual boot into windows after downloading zorin

i tried dual booting linux when i had windows 11, windows 11 worked fine, but when i downloaded ZORIN OS on an external hard drive, i didnt get the grub at first. when i did i could choose either "Zorin OS" or "Windows Boot Manager" i clicked on zorin and it opened, but when i clicked the windows boot manager it opened the windows recovery screen,so there was no "Continue to windows 11" button, so i turned on Sata configure to "RAID ON" for windows to open, which is RST (rapid storage technology), so when i did that grub wouldnt open, and i had to go to the boot menu, i clicked on the drive where i had windows in it, my laptop kept turning on and off by itself, it was stuck at boot, i cant log in to windows cause of this, i am stuck in zorin, any fixes or help? my laptop is a dell g3 3590

Hello Edgin, Welcome to the forum.

If you have Zorin Core installed and using it as a main boot perhaps you can recover the grub with the boot repair app. It comes pre installed on the Zorin Core iso.

The grub works, I just can't boot into windows, whenever I boot to windows it gets me into the windows boot manager (windows recovery screen), but I can't use windows without the Intel rapid storage technology is on, if If I turned it on, and selected the windows boot manager, it will be stuck in a boot loop, and will turn off and on by itself in a loop, I just want to boot into windows, try and read my question carefully.

Try reading the provided answer carefully and Try Boot / Grub Repair as suggested.


Edgin, must say your explanation is not completely clear about the grub menu.

But still can you try to recover the boot records for windows while using the recovery menu? Else try to repair the windows bootrecords with the windows installation cd/dvd.

Because just downloading Zorin on a external drive should not be the cause of grub menu.

I can't boot into windows, how can I even see its boot records if I didn't boot it? Every time I boot it it gets stuck in a boot loop, it never did this before I installed zorin, I just made a partition from my external hard drive that was 100gb, installed zorin on it, then booted it up, it was fine, but couldn't boot into windows no more, in fact, I can't boot into zorin again too, it just gets me into the DELL support assist

When you install any new Operating system to a computer, it must create an entry in the Boot Loader.

If you boot the LiveUSB of either Windows Or Zorin OS (us the Installation medium), then run Boot or Grub Repair, it should help you to either resolve the issue - or provide a log that can be examined to determined what went wrong.

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