Can't enter bios

i have tried anything and i can’t find way to fixed why i can’t enter to bios after installing zorinOS, before installing zorin it’s still working and have no problem

Zorin doesn’t stop you from entering BIOS. Please see:,5732.html

When you boot, the splash screen (of your manufacturer) will tell you in the bottom of that screen what key to press to enter BIOS. Tap that key (don’t hold) to enter BIOS. On a laptop, no need to press the Fn key if the BIOS key is a function key.

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In most of the case F2 is the key for entering into BIOS. one more thing if you manage to get into Bootloader (grub) there is an option “Enter Setup” (or maybe something like that, don’t remember what is written there exactly) you can go into BIOS from there.

Edit: that is “System Setup” see the image below.

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I’m using a desktop, and still can’t, I’ve tried pressing all the f, esc, and del buttons. and I try to use the terminal and it appears “Cannot indicate to EFI to boot into setup mode”

how do i get into the bootloader (grub) in zorin

During boot, hold left shift OR tap esc key repeatedly. You may have to try both since it varies between machines.
You will get the recovery menu shown in ShahzarKibriya’s pic.

it still can’t, when I press f2 only a line of code appears then after that it goes straight to the zorin linux login menu. I have an opinion, could it be because there is fastboot that makes the bios setup button not working?

Could be. #3 & #4 here USB boot install deal with disabling such features. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything further on those.

I realize most of the time you should only tap the key to get into bios… Try holding f2. Would you mind telling us what kind of computer or even motherboard, if you know? I ask because Dells sometimes use Delete instead of f2. I think HP use esc, but don’t quote me