Can't find c:\ drive

I'm a Linux newbie. I have manages to install Zorin OS 17.1 Core. It works well. I installed Bottles, then installed ExpressPCB. It works also. My problem is that when I create and save custom components they get saved to c:\users\steamuser\Documents\ExpressPCB. But I can't find the c: drive. I know the component is being saved to somewhere because I can call it back into the program. I tried to copy/paste the path into the search box, but it didn't work.
What am I missing?

Hello, welcome to the forum(s).

Which format did you install Bottles?
Another question, you know that you can run Windows game via Steam without Bottles?

The software installer page says "Flathub".
ExpressPCB is a PCB design/schematics capture program.
As I said, complete newbie! I'm guessing Steam is a games thingy? I have no idea why Steamuser is in the path. I'm hoping that all of this will make sense to me one day.

Usually the flatpak apps install itself in /var/lib/flatpak
Saved files/config usually go to ~/.var which are hidden in you home directory. You can set the file browser to see hidden files.


You can uninstall the flatpak and install .deb/zorinOS which is much easier to use and less complicated. Though it may not be the latest version.

Out of all of that, I understood "home directory", "file browser" and "hidden files". I also recognised "var". So I went to my Home directory, found folder called ".var" and started clicking. After MANY clicks I found the folder I was looking for.
Thanks for the pointer. And thanks for giving me several topics for future study. :slight_smile:

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You're welcome :slight_smile:

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