Can't get PowerDVD 22 (WINE) to work


I've installed PowerDVD 22 (WINE) on Zorin but I can't get it to work. On the login screen, it says can't connect to the server when I am connected and if I close it when that happens, it becomes unresponsive and I have to close it using the system monitor app.

Can anyone please help? Thanks.

Have you checked this on the WineHQ forums?

I know that software works on Steam with Proton but... I think you would have to buy it. I am not sure if it has a license that can be transferred over.
But Steams proton uses pretty much the same compatibility layer that Wine does.
So, if it works on Steam, it should be able to work on Wine.

You might also find the answer on PowerDVD's tech helpdesk:

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I can't get search to work on WineHQ Forums - I get this message:

(Apologies for replying so late... I hope you're not too mad at me)

I just went to WineHQ website and tried searching - all searches went through.
Maybe their server was down. Is it working yet for you?

That never upsets me. The more time members take to reply, the more time I am not sitting in a thread...

I tried this morning and it still shows the same thing.

Try switch browser and see if it helps.

Same error message. Tried on Neeva.

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