Cant install pyaudio in pycharm

sudo apt install idle
Use this to install idle which also adds it's repositories, then it automatically updates after running the sudo apt update command.

Updating python to the latest supported version😉

how to check how many python versions I have? How to remove a python version safely. I mean without breaking my system or crashing? I want only the system version.

In the terminal type,

python -V

It will probably show you the version number of the current python installed for the PC.

For the idle python version is mentioned directly in front of the idle application in the start menu.
ex:- python idle 3.8

Thanks for your reply. I just want to remove all python version except system version. And detect as a default. I mean detect automatically in pycharm, Qt creator or any other applications. Is there any way to do that? Thanks.

You can list all versions of a software using apt list <keyword>. Ensure you delete the extra versions, not python3.8, which the system uses.

You can use the following link to install multiple versions for development (if that's your thing). How Update-Alternatives Manages Multiple Versions of Python, Node.js, and other Open Source Packages - Seiden Group

Do not attempt to update the python version the system uses beyond what is provided by the system... this WILL BREAK SOFTWARE AND THE OS.

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