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Can't open games on Steam

Hello, everyone. Hope you're fine.

I have been testing Zorin for a couple of weeks and I really like it but I have this problem...
The first time I installed it I assumed that the games didn't work because I decided not to include those proprietary components for graphics and multimedia content. Last Saturday I reinstalled the operating system with all the components and still can't open games on Steam. It happens even with games that have native GNU-Linux support: I click on "play" and sometimes the screen shows the game for half a second and then closes; other times the "play" button is the only thing that changes in that half second (play-stop-play).

¿Could you help me? I don't have a graphic card but in the operating system I used to use (not Windows) I could play with the graphics of my processor: it's an Intel i7 10700.

Hello there!

It sounds to me like you tried to launch a game on Steam, without selecting Steamplay PROTON compatibility. Click on Steam, then go to settings, then the Steamplay tab....

Make sure you have a checkmark in Enable Steam Play For Supported Titles. Then also put a checkmark in, Enable Steam Play For All Other Titles. Run Other Titles With, set to Latest Proton version that you have. Click OK

Some games will launch right away with that PROTON version, some games will not. Keep in mind, for each PROTON version you select, Steam will have to download that PROTON version, it will take some time, be patient!

Once PROTON and other required libraries like shader cash have been downloaded, if the game still does not launch, then you might have to try a lower PROTON version. You can change the PROTON version for specific games, by doing the following.

Right click on a game, go to properties, go to Compatibility tab, you can select a different PROTON version for that specific game only. That is basically how you do it. Its part of what its like to game on Linux, we need PROTON to do it.

Hope this was helpful for you!


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No destiny 2?

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I still haven't installed Linux on my new laptop because some games don't work on Linux.


How you doing dude? I hope your doing better, and that things are getting better for you.

I am guessing that the games that don't work on Linux are games with DRM attached. Steam PROTON can not get around DRM content. And game developers always abandon their old games, and never remove the DRM, even when a game is 10-years old or more.


No, all my friends play this game called Valorant. Valorant uses Vanguard Anti Cheat. Vanguard does no support Linux and if you try playing with a VM you can get banned. Even proton can't help.



I never like it when gaming servers go banning people for nothing, simply because they suspect something dirty is going on. Its amazing how many companies don't bother doing a manual investigation, simply because they don't want to take the time. So they just assume, and automatic ban. Ugg

Sorry to hear Kedric, I am always hoping for the best for you dude. Hopefully you will have better times ahead, weather it be gaming, or otherwise.


Ngl, Vanguard is very very strong. I have never seen anyone report a single hacker. I don't like Vanguard that much because it's a kernel level anti-cheat, so if it doesn't support Linux, it won't work.

Some people however was able to play on a VM, but it gets patched, I don't know will you get banned. Doing a manual investigation is probably very inefficient, imaging tell 60% of your staff to investigate hacking! Valorant is too popular. And again this is probably the most robust anti-cheat I have seen, never saw a hacker.

They probably don't even care about Linux because we are so small, Windows dominates the desktop OS space. I mean u can't blame them, if I was a million-dollar company, I want to play it safe. I don't want to spend a lot of time porting my game to Linux just to get 1%.

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