Can't run Sonic Riders

I'm having trouble launching the game Sonic Riders (Disc) using WINE. I'm getting this error:

Screenshot from 2023-08-08 15-36-47

Which occurs no matter what I do - go in the game files to run launcher.exe, use PlayOnLinux, etc.

I tried searching on the WineHQ Forum, except I can't use search because it won't let me, and now I'm out of ideas.

If I remember well, I had this issue with some games, maybe because I was trying to launch them via their shortcut instead of their .exe.

That's what I did - launch the EXE file.

Maybe then in this case the warning means PlayOnLinux as launcher, either by Run or Install. I didn't use Wine and PlayOnLinux enough but I suppose it's possible to add a game manually on PlayOnLinux GUI from where launching games and other Windows software.

I reinstalled and... it launches after 4-5 clicks of the play button. I'm going to mark this post as the solution and keep an eye on this as I know that will likely occur again.

You mean that you added the game to PlayOnLinux GUI?

No, I didn't.