Can't stream from my mac to zorin

So, i can log into my mac from network and see all my videos. Can't play none of my videos or tv shows

Screenshot from 2022-12-17 07-34-10

I assume this MP4 file is protected by DRM (Digital rights management) and is encrypted in a way that makes it nearly impossible to access your file without the right software - unless somebody manages to reverse engeneer the program that can decode it. The hardware of new computers allows to use encrypted codecs, hardware decrypters that can diagnose if they are accessed by a certified applications - and there are even attempts to move the task of decryption from the computer to the monitor that is even harder to reverse-engineer.

All of these attempts have in common that they typically are limited to a single operating system or a single playback application. And that they are typically not readily ported to operating systems anybody is able to change to his needs (lest the need might be reverse-engineering a codec). There are attempts (e.G. in the moonlight framework) to port DRM to linux. And there is hardware support that would allow for nearly un-reverse-engineerable codecs on linux, too. But until now I can only wish you good luck - but have only little hope that this problem is solvable right now.

its crazy i play everything through my windows 11, play all video formats on windows streaming from my mac (server).

Did you check vlc's log file for more details? Something as simple as spaces, though not an issue in windows, can wreak havoc in Linux. Try renaming the file without spaces (ever notice that p2p servers have media that never have spaces, - and _ replace spaces). Just a thought.

ok i will try, its crazy i can download stuff on linux and transfer it to my mac fine but can't stream anything

that is why i don't use linux pretty much i couldn't do it back then.

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