Cant try or install Zorin 17 core

I am determined to try 17 one way or another. Tried all the options from the DVD boot menu to try and run the desktop but keep getting stuck at a black screen with flashing cursor and numlock light flashing. I think it is because of my Nvidia GT710 that newer drivers dont work although it works on my i5 with GT710 box. So went to install on the 4th drive on my Dual Pentium box on a seagate 160gb drive with backups on. Resized the backups partition and created a 30gb partition for 17. After about 40 minutes of resizing the backup partition the installer crashed with a fatal error. I pressed tab to see if I could see the text screen and it said not enough space to create partition. I don't get it.

You can use the live image to run gparted and configure the partition.

Then start the installer, choose something else method and manually select that new partition as the system partition and another for where the grub bootloader will reside (probably why you received the not enough space error)... grub will need a 500mb partition, at least.

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Think I will wait until the 16 to 17 upgrade goes live. Do a backup then see if it will boot 17.

The beta of 17 upgrader is live. Myself and another have used it and shared our experiences here.

Sorry, that was in the moderator thread. You wouldn't be able to see that. My mistake.

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The 2nd link leads to an oops!

If you are interested, and willing to try, I can possibly share the command that would allow for you to upgrade using the tool. It is still in Beta though.

This goes to anyone in this thread that is interested and will attempt the upgrade....providing feedback here and in the linked feedback form mentioned in the OP.

I have read the blog and seen the command but there is no lite to lite option as I am limited for space. Core is too heavy for my machine.

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I wasn't aware you were interested in lite. My mistake.

Yes it runs well on a 2008 machine. Waiting patiently for a 17 lite.

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