Can't update .deb applications without uninstalling first

I use Discord, which updates by making the user download a new .deb file. However, I can't just double click on the .deb file to automatically install the newer version and overwrite the older version. There's no option to do so. The Zorin Software Application will open and only give the "Remove" option.

I know I can do it manually via the command line, but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a good Linux UI experience.

Preferably Zorin Software Application should act like Eddy, which overwrites the old version of whatever .deb file I want to install.

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Zorin Software Application

It's not Zorins fault, it's a gnome decision with the software center. I don't yse Discord, but doesn't the .deb package enable Discord PPA to your sourcelist?

Steam and a couple of software does this.

Same problem here. Pretty sure the main issue is poor linux support/implementation on discord's end (pretty inconvenient to need to manually download the update and install it). But as a new linux user, the software app definitely makes the process of updating in this way a lot harder than it needs to be.

What I found I needed to do was to remove discord through software before opening the .deb file and clicking run anyway (as opposed to the Install button, very confusing) which updated the app.

I'm aware that none of this is really Zorin's fault and requests, as the app and the dialog box are Gnome and Discord is well, Discord. But given that Zorin's , I thought I'd post how to solve this slightly unintuitive problem through the GUI in hopes that other Zorin OS users/linux beginners would be able to find the info they need.

This is interesting. I use discord. I have never experienced this. When a Discord update appears, I click the Download button. Then I click the .deb package in my ~/Downloads directory and install it.
I never have to remove the old, nor do I deal with Gnome-Software at any point.

McflurryMaster is on Core, Aravisian is on Lite, is that important?

I would not have thought so, as it is managed by DPKG which is independent of XFCE or Gnome.
And Gnome Software comes installed with Zorin Lite...

But maybe Gnome Software behaves differently on Gnome.
Do other Core users have this issue?

I'm currently on Core Pro. Currently my workaround is to just go into my downloads folder and run sudo apt install ./discord-XXXX. This helps me overwrite the old version without having to manually remove it.

After Googling, it seems like Discord does not. The only way to update it is to download the new .deb file from their website each time.

I ran into this earlier yesterday. Since it won't run until you update it. In the /usr/share/discord directory search build_info.json. Edit this file so the version number is one more than the current version (0.0.24 to 0.0.25).

When you start discord it will update itself. It may not be the right way, and if you can wait for the apt repository to be updated, that is better, but this gets it done.

This might prove helpful...

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