Can't update VMware player kernel modules

Yes, that is the password.

And what would the command be for entering root?

The same password.

When you log in after booting up the computer, root must have access. You log in which serves Dual Purposes
One is initialization of all desktop processes and the other is accessing your desktop.
That is authentication.
Once logged in, you must authenticate again if you run software from Root or access root files, using that authentication password.

A user can experience having a different password for root if their user account was set up solely as a user account with another administrator account above it.

But if this is your computer and you installed Zorin OS yourself, you are the administrator and your user account and administrator account are the same - therefor you would use that One Password.

Unless I'm thinking wrong. Would it be SUDO git clone by any chance?

The sudo command is SuperUser DO
In this context, "do this."
For example: sudo cp file.txt = SuperUSer (Or Root) do this copy action.

When operating within root - which you needed to do, you would use the "sudo" parameter for the command to elevate to root.

Turns out it DID need SUDO permissions.
I'm happy to report it managed to install all modules without errors.

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 19-56-27

I won't be marking the thread as solved until I try running a virtual machine though.

Finally, a working virtual machine!
VMware is finally working after following the second step in this link.

I've marked your post as a solution.

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