Casper / vmlinuz not found

Hi! I installed Zorin Core on an old laptop, wiped everything, works great. Thought I would try installing it on another laptop and I'm running into problems.

First, I got it to the "try Zorin" etc options and it loaded just fine, but when I chose to install Zorin on the new laptop, it did not detect my old OS, Windows 10. Strange. So I quit the setup and started over, flashing a new USB.

I got another USB drive, and this time I flashed it with Rufus, instead of Etcher because Etcher kept failing the flash.

Now when I try to boot from the USB, it says -

Error: file '/casper/vmlinuz' not found.
Error: you need to load the kernel first.

Press any key to continue...

I browsed to the casper folder, and it is indeed missing that file, and I have no idea where to obtain it.

The install went great on the other computer, but the other computer had Ubuntu on it, before. Is there something special I need to do to get this thing onto the Windows 10 machine? I want to set up a dual boot on this machine, so any help would be appreciated!

Can you check #1 & #2 here? USB boot install

Hey, just checked the hash, it matches. I downloaded directly from the Zorin website, didn't download from 3rd party so we are good there.

USB Drive functions properly.

Now, I checked the ISO for Zorin and I found the files there in the casper folder. I just tried copying them to the flash drive manually to the casper folder there. Is that okay, or will doing something like that cause problems? I haven't attempted the install, yet.

My concern is if there is something else also missing. Can you try redoing with Unetbootin instead of Rufus?

I downloaded Unetbootin and I'm trying it, but I don't see Zorin in the list of distributions.

EDIT: never mind, I see the option for ISO, it's doing it's thing and I'll see what happens.

It seems to be hung up on a file called filesystem.squashfs

Btw, if you already have Windows (or another OS) on your machine, you don't need any media. Just click the "USB Drive" dropdown and there should be an option to just preserve the image on your existing OS and it will reboot and in the boot menu you can choose Unetbootin and it will run Zorin installation. At least that's what I did with my dual-boot desktop, didn't use any USB or DVD.

PS - If by "hung up..." you mean the USB is not being created, then try my above suggestion if you already have an OS on the machine.

Click the USB drive dropdown where?

EDIT: That's correct, it got stuck while creating the drive, so it was not created.

First picture under "How to install UNetbootin"
Lower left corner, "Type: USB Drive" - that should allow you to select installation on your existing OS drive. Sorry, I don't remember exactly what the option is called and I don't have it installed on my machine at the moment.

I understand, now. I found that option. So, I have two hard drives installed internally on this laptop, do I install it on the C:\ or the D:\ ?

Do I do anything with the "Space used to preserve files across reboots" option?

Install it on your existing OS drive since the one on which you install Zorin will be wiped. I don't recall doing anything with the "across reboots" option - ignore it.

Oh wait, I'm trying to do a dual boot, though. I don't want to wipe any drives on this install.

I assume that in dual boot you have a non-Zorin OS drive (for example, call it NZ:) and an intended-for-Zorin drive (for example, call it Z:). Z will be formatted (to me that is wiped) into ext4 partition. So, you have to install Unetbootin into NZ:
If you're concerned, just use the USB method.

Hi! Thank you for all your replies, they really are helpful, even though the solution is evading me!

The USB Drive is working perfectly now, by the way, so we solved that.

Okay, so I'm gonna try something. Windows is on my C: If I backup the data on the D: and format it so that Zorin can run off the D: will that cause issues?

Good to know the USB is working. What issues do you have in mind? If you provide some details, I can opine. If it helps, I can relay my own experience and maybe that provides you the answers. There are two multiple drive PCs on which I installed Zorin.

  1. My desktop - Win 7 was already on one drive, I had a spare 75 GB drive on which I installed Zorin. I have two additional storage drives connected, for a total 4 drives. I used Unetbootin directly from the Win 7 drive, as described earlier. It boots fine on either OS.
  2. My wife's desktop - Win 7 on one drive, another drive is storage. One day, Win 7 shows a BSOD. From my experience in troubleshooting, a BSOD can be anything from a low voltage on a rail to a driver issue. I didn't have patience for it that day and wiped the OS drive and put Zorin on it.
    Unetbootin was great for both and they both function fine.

I don't know what issues it might cause, I have extremely minimal experience with Linux and dual boots. I guess I'm wondering if it works at all? If I put Linux on D and have Windows on C will I still be able to select which OS to boot at startup?

Ah, I see. I'm glad you elaborated. I used this EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies on my desktop to choose boot order. Since Windows is already on the machine, once you install Zorin, use EasyBCD to set how you want it to boot. I have Zorin set as my priority but you can choose whether you want Windows or Zorin as your priority. EasyBCD also allows you to delete choices from the boot menu. Note that you'll be installing EasyBCD on Windows, running it on Windows, and deciding from there.