Certain Wifi configuration not supported

Hi there,
I was trying to connect to my uni wifi, and it does not work properly.
Here are my observations:

  1. It tryies to connect for a long time, and usually failes eventually.
  2. The wifi is required to configure as follow per uni requirement:
  3. Even when ,in very rare occasion, it connects. the connection is not stable and disconnects after a while. in browser showing either network disconnected or sth like DNS probe finished.
  4. My laptop connects to other network just fine(cafe-wifi, home wifi, personal hotspot which doesnt require input of credential when configuring wifi)
  5. My other OS (IOS & Windows) connects to uni wifi just fine.
  6. When zorin tries to connect to wifi, if I click configure button(cog), the setting window freeze.
  7. I used to connect to uni wifi with ubuntu 20.04 and it also struggles. though sometimes it connects successfully.

Anybody has any clue how to debug this situation? or have similar problem?

From this, it sounds a lot like the Uni router is shaky.

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