Change distro after install

if i install lite and then want education distro, should re install or what?

Hi, welcome to the forums. The only difference I see in the different distros that you are deciding on is that lite uses xfce4 desktop environment and education/ core editions use gnome. The bundled software for each distro is slightly different, but you can download the programs you want if they aren’t included in the distro you choose.

I find xfce lighter and more responsive in older and new laptops. Gnome can be a resource hog and has a slight learning curve. Whichever you choose you have decided on a solid OS that is capable of handling whatever you need. You can also add desktop environments and use one that works for you. I hope this helps.


Actually, I think Zorin Education uses XFCE, as well.
I wonder if there is a list somewhere that shows all the applications that Zorin Education comes with? That way, a user of Zorin Lite can just install the applications they want, from the Zorin Education “whats included” list.
Especially considering that Zorin Education is pretty awesome in many of what it includes.

There is, that’s how i found out it uses gnome. I searched the educational version and it includes scratch, which you can visit the web version… no need to download, builder, an ide…fritzing, an electrical circuit building app and librecad, for computer aided drafting. has links at the bottom for each version. I’m sure you can apt or snap each. Libre office is invited with each version, and i believe it includes cad in each already.

Yep, there’s downloads for the Lite edition of Education too:

Also @Aravisian, about your question regarding apps they do in fact have a page set up for showing what’s included:

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