Change Gnome 43 overview color from white to black

Using Zorin OS 17 Pro with Gnome layout.. I want to change the background overview color from white to black. Any suggestions?


The quick way would be to change the whole shell theme to dark, in Zorin Appearance -> Theme. But this may not be exactly what you want if you still prefer to have everything else in light color. In that case, I'm also not sure how do achieve this.

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That is a little bit ... I know something because I did the same. But for that You need Gnome Tweaks. For that open the Terminal and type:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

After that You open it and go to this Overview (I know, it's german):

There You go to ''Shell''. When You there choose an Option with ''Dark'' (like I have) You get a dark Background. But You have some other dark Accents, too. And if You want to use a light Sheme for Your Programs you must use the first Entry (In the Picture You see there ''Graphite'') and there You must choose an Entry with ''light''.

To make an Example for You, I choose ZorinGrey-Dark and ZorinGrey-Light:

You see with that I have a dark Background and light Programs.


Thank you very much, worked perfectly.


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I'm happy that it helps you. Could You mark it as a Solution please? For other Users it could be helpful, too.


It's about "Customization", then there isn't a solution check box.



This this was more a request for help rather than sharing something, I've changed the category from Customization to General Help. The solution button should be now available on @Ponce-De-Leon's post.


Oh, sorry! My Mistake. I overlooked the missing Checkbox. A sorry to @Hewjr100 and a Thank You to You and @zenzen.

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