Change standard Libreoffice

I want ZORIN OS to open text documents in another application than Libreoffice writer. How do I have to do this?

Hi Claudia and welcome to the forum.
Please tell us which version and flavour of ZorinOS you are using e.g. Z16 Core, Pro or Z15.3 Lite etc.

If you have Zorin with Gnome, then you should have gedit as Text Editor.
From the Zorin Menu>Accessories>Text Editor
and open your text file in that app.

Also Zorin>Settings>Details>Default Applications
lists your default applications.
However, I do not see a default app for text files or documents listed on my Z15.3 Core system.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can right click on any text file -> Property -> Opening application

Change it whatever you want to use and set it as default.


I use a Zorin 16 standard OS. I have seen the way you describe for Z15.3 already elsewhere, but I am missing ...>Details>Deafault Applications on my system.
Thank you anyway.

This hint solved my problem. Thank you very much.

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I am glad to hear that your problem is solved.
Make sure to visit our tutorial section which has a tone of tips and tricks to make your Zorin life easy :wink:

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