Changed from zorin pro lite 16.2 to zorin pro 16.3

Examining the HW requites to zorin pro, installed version 16.3.Same issue with onboard airport, solved by purging proprietary driver broadcom and installing B43, as prior solution.
Connect worked good at start.
Tested 2 audio CDs from a Mandarim course for brazilians, and voila rithmbox worked well.

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Hardware: macbpook pro 4.1 early 2008 Core2Duo 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, HDD toshiba hybrid 1T, video NV 8400M 256 KB.
After using Zorin Pro Lite 16.2 , I revised the HW requisites for Zorin Pro 16.3 and installed it.

  1. on board airport extreme broadcom 4321 have problems to transfer data. Solution :first purge proprietary driver from kernel, after installing B43 firmware, see previous hw topic. Problem Solved.

2.Testing Zorin connect and it functioned well with one motorola G7plus android 10 and KDE connect app.

3.The keyboard of MBP needs to correct mapping and accentuation choosing English(EUA International with dead keys), have to look picture of keyboard to find cedilla (mac osx ->function key +C key) now is right option+< ç .

  1. Looking inside bluetooth there is an adjust to configure new device which found my TV more than 10 meters away!

  2. Connection to HD video projector not yet tested.

6.Everything works!
Congratulations to the staff ! Zorin is a very good distro!


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