Changing a folder/mount from 'Read Only'-'Read & Write'

Yes,I mounted my secondary harddrive back into Zorin and the folder had yellow and white padlock on it at the 'media/username/"padlocked folder"'
The 'chown' command didn't remove it

Recently, I have seen several comments about 'chown' not working to enable or disable permissions.
I did some testing on Zorin OS 16, using multiple mounts and media. Each time, everything worked.
It may be that part of the 'chown' command provided was missing. Can you please double check?

Chow might be broken?

Cos I can't save my work onto the drive

I would not think so. That certainly wouldn't be my first thought. It's very hard to break it.
But I did test it above, just to be sure, before posting the above suggestion.

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Cool;well chown work I just had to repair the filesystem and it's now RW-able


Just corrected typo in subject line - no big deal.

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I also changed the category.
This thread is not a tutorial.

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