Changing e-mail what about my license?

Hello all!
Propably my main account on @gmail is hacked and all password.
I am waiting from some websides support about how forward license keys what i bought.
I am wondering how i can moving forward my license to a new e-mail or recovery my license.
Still I don't taken suggestion about my gmail account what is connected with many another epic,steam, account e-mail and some websides where this main @gmail email was registered and synchronize?
I propably go to yahoo or proton and propably change webbrowser.
I reading if you have gmail account all password are synchronize only with google chrome. Isn't that commercial and pressing a people ?
Well start writing password in notes not inside internet.
If you have some ideas feel free to any suggestion.
I will need delete many accounts if this necessary.

i'm not sure about the license but you should be able to export passwords to either a text file or password protected archive which can then be imported to another browser.

here's how to do it for chrome


Yes. It wrote passwords but not all but the link is very usefull. Thank you @catlikehana
About licenses they are in messages from bought products. Probably i can copy them or move forward to another account.
I will waiting little to check what will be on my main @gmail account.

I don't use browser password managers - chrome edge ect - as they sync to your email accounts making it problematic if your account gets compromised - also useful if you get a new computer everything just works and signs in. I've recently switched to bitwarden after lastpass was sold and started on their corporate bs - something to consider.
It also has a vault for storing information and Secure notes - i have several product keys and other important things stored in them

For the gmail - I had my gmail compromised a number of years ago, and I was able to get it sorted out with support had to show id and stuff - but i've heard they are less responsive and helpful nowadays.

For the zorin licence information you can try to submit a support request through the website -


Propably i will create e-mail in proton, then will login to old e-mail and edit to put new e-mail. I also will deleted all accounts not used long time ago and change every password on new account e-mail. I also will be taken double verification with my mobile. With Zorin 17 propably buying on new account but I deleted PayPal account for safety. I will taken choiced wisely and not rush. I don't checked if here i can get double verification account. I wrote to the support, where my account was hacked but some have identified number with e-mail what cannot be changed. Probably here is the same when buying license Pro.

This works ..... I had to do this a few days ago when I wanted to install Zorin Pro Lite using Zorin 16.3 Pro ..... worked flawlessly and only took a few minutes and it was in my mail box ..... :+1:

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I will check if on my e-post coming more things with some suspicion or some warnings.
I mostly will taken fresh installation to create a new account e-mail. I reading steam rules if i deleted my account i lost all my a games what i bought.

That's the reason to have two step security on everything. In Steam I have to approve the login via my phone.


Yes. I have that before but my account was stolen. Maybe because some password was leaked when i checked pwned webside.

The problem I don't know exactly what information could be leaked that why I considered fresh install Zorrin Pro - back to beginners distribution.
I have fast pc and still wondering what type Zorin Pro Gnome or XFCE?
One what i understable Linus Torvalds was used a Gnome3 in Fedora 36 but next versions Fedora he going with KDE.
In meantime I tested fedora,arch and mx linux also mint where that updates from version 21.1 21.2 21.3 mostly need fresh installation.
I should choice that because I am tired debian wonderfull distribution are very good for servers but not for newer hardware.
Fedora and arch using recomendation kde desktop and newest software.
For me like a simple user I don't need that.

Linus Torvalds bounces from one desktop to another the way I change my socks.:wink:

Though admittedly, he has made similar comments about Gnome that I have. :zipper_mouth_face:


I remember if not sure he stop using a Gnome with next updates because was to heavy, and more hard to usable. I can be wrong.
I have experience with Gnome software and some app taken longer time from XFCE.
Did gnome is better this time or still buggy and freezing?
XFCE maybe is simple but what i remember working better.
Something change about that two desktop enviroments in Zorin distribution?
Which one should I go XFCE or Gnome?
I know i can download a desktop enviroment on Zorin.
Which version when I example installing a Gnome or XFCE - isn't it will be some conflict with packages? My pc have that hardware.


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