Charger Error - All good now

So I installed Zorin Pro (because $39 seems a bargain to support such a beautiful distro) and right away, problems. I have used two or three different distros (including Mint and Ubuntu) and I MUCH prefer Zorin's customizable and OS X like interface (though I swore off OS X several years ago). But it was slow, laggy and difficult to deal with.

After noticing that my laptop never showed a full charge (maxed at 82 percent) and upon getting a few boot errors and troubleshooting many things to fix the lag, I finally dug through a drawer and found the ORIGINAL DELL charger that came with the laptop... I had been using my travel/replacement charger even though I was using it in desktop mode (plugged into a second monitor and keyboard).

Immediately the problems went away. I ran some more tweaks, but all I can say is that it's running amazingly well (2019 model Dell Inspiron with an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM). I would also note that over time, I began to notice the replacement charger started fitting more and more snugly in the port. So it could be a either driver/software errors or hardware problems related to the charger or both. That said... loving Zorin. I'm planning a few used laptop purchases for other members of the family who love Mac OS but hate the prices. Yeah, I made the switch two years ago and I really don't miss giving MS and Apple my dollars. There are OCCASIONAL issues with Libre vs. MS Office, but I can always find a workaround. Great stuff. Thanks, developers, for a magnificent and beautiful distro!

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