I'm looking for checksums for Z15 Ultimate. The email I had gotten only gives links to the images, no checksums. Looking at: Download - Zorin OS I don't see them listed. Help?

I found this, but they are 1 year old. Not sure if those got updated.

Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate 64-bit d41370e264f7ee712c8293df8f46bda129ffe1da019032d610d029256cf4e018

Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate Lite 64-bit 35ad451b9be71ac7e2f5a4d580171a4a5a030c594bfa94a80f81f29f3b63702d

Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate Lite 32-bit 1042edc905dba25a4060966ef79b45dfa8466adc16ab8a1024dd2915ec6cb5f2

Thank you, sir. They match.

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@zorink @AZorin, maybe add those checksums on the download site ?

Btw, Kyrill also referred me to


Thats is a nice one as well, however as new user they would look at the download page first. If they don't see it they might ask for it on the forum or trying to google for it. It's better to add those hashes at the main site. :grinning:

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