Chrome Users Corner: ONLY Chrome

I use Chrome because I like it and am used to it. But it does have a few bugs in Linux. Particularity two:

*Slow scrolling speed. This can be fixed with the Linux Scroll Speed Fix extension.

*Always asks to login. I think I fixed this by changing the Key-ring passwords to my Linux password. It did bork my Chrome passwords tho so I had to re-enter them.

Text is also too small so I set to Large. If you have choppy vids, turn off hardware acceleration.

BTW, I am using the version from Google. There is an unstable one in the Store. Does that one have the login prob, I wonder?

My PC setup:

*Disabled auto login so when I shut my PC down, no one can get into it.

*Set Power Button to do Suspend

*Set to No Lock-screen when coming back from Suspend in Privacy/Screen Lock (I can get up in the morning and just hit the Space-bar)

Fav Chrome features:

*I get news I'm actually interested in

*I can make shortcut icons to websites on the desktop or taskbar (site's actual icon)

Link dealing with login prob:

I would never use chrome(personal choice) .... this was a day ago

Google Issues Warning For Billions Of Chrome Users

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Chrome Users Corner: ONLY Chrome

Settings/Security/Safety Check

The key-ring password trick is still working. May not after update. Chrome is coming out with a new version. Easy enuf to re-do.

The passwords get borked because they are no longer stored but fetched from Seems to work OK. You can manage them from there.

Zorin + Chrome = A better Chromebook.

Edit: The one in the Zorin store is Google Chrome Dev

Google Chrome Dev is a web browser app where users are given the chance to try out newly developed functions, features, extensions, and other applications before they are officially made available on Google Chrome. This version is basically a tester where you can experience using the updates first hand before anyone else. Aside from the constant add-ons in Chrome Dev, it functions just as well as any other stable browsers.

why don't you try chromium, I use it instead of original chrome


Does that have the login prob? Does it store passwords?

I like being spied on by Google (they can do it via my Android phone anyway). I like having news that I'm actually interested in and don't care that Google knows that my politics are the opposite of theirs. I am not afraid of them. Bring it on.

I refuse to become a paranoid Linux dweeb.

And with this, thread closed.

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