Clicking "ok" button in Main Menu does not work

Even when I just open an existing item in Main Menu and don't change anything, hitting "OK" has no effect. I wanted to add start parameters to one app, but can't because it won't let me save. Has nothing to do with Icon or anything, as I'm merely trying to edit an existing item.

Could You maybe describe or show a Screenshot what exactly do You want to do?

I'm opening Main Menu, then I try to edit an existing entry. Hitting the OK button does not trigger the change, and the window does not close.

Okay, thank You. And what exactly did You or want You change?

I had this same issue and what I did to fix it was to simply reinstall the main menu application.

Thanks didn't work for me. However, I've switched to ArcMenu now anyway, so for me personally it's not a problem anymore.

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