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When switching between Windows / Zorin I notice that the time on Zorin is always -1 hour from the real time. To fix this I've gone to Clock/Time and Dale/Time and Date Setting to change the configuration to Automatic Update. This didn't work as there's no NTP service installed. I've installed NTP and after a little fiddling I've got something working. So I wondered.....?

Why is the NTP service and automatic clock syncing not set as default, and are there any plans to change this in the future?

This is a good write-up that explains the whole thing.


Sorted, thank you.

Ha @Aravisian was faster then me (again) :P. I had the same problem when i dual booted, i fixed it in windows 10 with a registery setting.


Well, this is a strange problem that I've never once had in any Zorin installation since OS 9. The only issue I had back in those days, was the clock was defaulted to the 24-hour clock cycle, which I thought was ridiculous, since most of Zorin OS users are going to be Americans.

And the same issue continued on through each distro version since. I have to keep changing it to the 12-hours clock cycle. And what is increasingly weird about that, is when you set your global location in the OS install, it knows where you are, and yet continues to default to 24-hour. Like I said, WEIRD!

But alas, that was the only weird oddity I've had in regards to time. Never had an issue with the clock actually showing the correct time. Also, if you start noticing that your computer continues to lose the time, all the time, its time to replace the CMOS battery. lol

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I can confirm that a U.K. installation defaults to a 24 hour clock. I don't mind either way. It's not something I ever worried about.

Fixing through Windows Registry was not really a solution for me. Of course it was possible, but since it was Zorin that was running 1 hour slow I preferred to go down the Zorin Fix path. Thankfully it's no big deal now. It can be resolved through the NTP service and automatic updates, or via the command line listed in the article above. Thanks again for the information.

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