Clock - time and date

I test Zorin Lite and it's fine.
I live in Norway and I've had tp adjust the clock to Europe/Oslo.

At this moment it is 20:10 in the evening, and the clock in Zorin showed 19:10 before I select region to get the correct time.
So far so good, BUT

If I for example go into (the main Norwegian TV and Radio channel), that clock shows 19:10. But in Windows it shows the correct 20:10:
The is very strange...

Can anyone tell me what it is so?

Hey, and welcome. Please take a look at this:

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In Linux open a Terminal and type:

timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock

Then You restart Your PC and boot in Windows. There You go in the Time Settings and click on the Button to synchronize the Time. That's it.

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Thanks to you two for the answer! :smile:

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