[Cloud Storage Recommendation] NordLocker

So yesterday, I started using NordLocker to store my files rather than using the big companies’ cloud storage solutions (I’m looking at you Google) and so far I think it’s good.

So what’s unique about NordLocker is that it uses strong encryption to keep your files safe and avoid them being lost or stolen. You can set up different lockers to organise files, drag and drop files from your computer, and it will accept practically any file.

NordLocker has a free plan that only gives you 3GB of cloud storage, but you can pay to get more storage up to 2TB. Privacy wise, the company collects basic non-identifying device information and app diagnostics/usage statistics, which isn’t too concerning on privacy and you can disable analytics in the settings.

Unfortunately, there is currently not a Linux version for the desktop client, however, you can still access the web client using your preferred web browser.

Here’s everything you need to know. I couldn’t list every feature otherwise this topic would be very long.

IF you're looking for a cloud storage that support Linux 100% (and your file browser), take a look at Mega:


Well you can still access NordLocker via the Web client as I described. And plus it's in GBP rather than Euros.

I'm not sure what difference this makes in 2022. I buy things all the time in US$, £ or € without issue using either my US or UK accounts.

Nordlocker is proprietary software so it's a no go for me right from the start

You can access any of the cloud storage from the web on Linux.

I've noticed that they do not tell you where your files are actually stored. Is it in the U.S.? Finland where their VPN services are located? Iceland, Germany, Canada, where is it? Does this make a difference? Yes.

Sorry, but this is not unique, every single privacy and security focused cloud file hosting service does this.

There's literally nothing that I can find that they are going to support Linux, why is that?

Tresorit quickly comes to mind as a paid and proprietary cloud storage alternative that has great reputation and features, including Linux client. Never tried them myself as they are not exactly cheap, but have heard very good things about it.

For more modest needs I would also recommend Cryptee.

Unfortunately Mega has always resulted in a horrible experience for me. I really can't recommend it but of course everyone's experience and opinion will vary.

This is actually a really good counter argument! Thanks for this. I understand that you're not convinced, and that's OK.

What I will say is that it offers a master password as a requirement, and 2FA like most (if not, all) cloud providers. And at least NordLocker is better than Google Drive.

How strong is the encryption though?

Are you getting paid to Promote this Company?


No. I am not getting paid to promote. I am just recommending a cloud service.


Yes You are :joy:


I'm not gonna argue.


I like annoying promoters :joy:


That's it. I'm muting this topic.
End of.

There's a good article on murena.io whose servers are based in Finland.

If you read them, most of them all exactly the same..... My point was that it is not unique to Nord in any way, shape or form. Maybe you should have a look at them before stating it is unique feature shilling for Nord.

I've been using BackBlaze for a few years now. I store about 1.5Tb of data on it, running a variety of updates on hourly, daily and weekly schedules. My usual bill is $7US per month.

They do not offer a Linux client, but it does work with a variety of available front ends including Duplicity. I use a client called BlobBackup which I paid for, but I believe it's now available as opensource software.

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