Commands needed to know

What are the commands for Zorin os16?

This may be a start:

Otherwise, can you be more specific?


What if I want to install something through the command system? Like a browser ?

This can depend on whether the browser is packaged in the default repos (repositories).
For example, Firefox is. So a simple

sudo apt install firefox

This is true for gnome-browser (epiphany), Midori and many others.

Brave, however, is not. Brave has their own source and it is a lot trickier:

The best thing to do on Zorin OS 16 is search for:
Install (such and such browser) ubuntu 20.04

Since it was mentioned, just a comment on how you can installing Brave:

Brave browser also has a Flatpak version. If I wanted to try Brave (I haven't tried it) this is the option I would try first. Then, if I didn't like it, I can remove it easily with one command and not be concerned about other support libraries it might leave behind on my system.

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