**Community: A Note on Flagging and Forum Reporting**

This forum is intended to be a resource that users can turn to as a help-desk for troubleshooting.
But it also offers a relaxed atmosphere where members can discuss topics on computing, Linux, Zorin, Other distros, software recommendations and banter.

As such, it is intended to be a Welcoming and Comfortable place where all users can feel free to be themselves, enjoy the Free Exchange of Ideas and consider perspectives and points of view that they may have not considered before.

To keep all members safe, all members are encouraged to Flag inappropriate posts, insults, fighting, untoward behavior or most importantly: Abuse.
Members should not feel belittled or compromised when seeking help, advice or discussion on the forums.

Please refrain from flagging posts based on the following:

  • Disagreeing with the posters point of view. If you disagree with the content, post a rebuttal and offer discourse or debate (minding the forum guidelines). The moderators are not here to take positions or sides against different points of view.

  • Disliking a member in general. There is an "ignore" button available. It is inappropriate to put the moderators in a position of playing favoritism.

  • Disliking a suggested or recommended product. We all have thoughts and opinions about many products. Gnome, Balena Etcher... Members can hash out what they like and do not like about software without reporting posts that recommend software that another user does not like.

If you disagree with an idea or expression, post a strong case of your own. Please do not ask the moderators to play oppressor, silencer or censor.
Dissent and disagreement are Gifts of Learning. And we do not abide by book-burning, here.


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