I'm considering using ZorinOS as my main OS after +10 years on Windows... I never used linux before.... so my question is: Is it possible to play games like Fortnite? Can I use OBS for streaming?


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You can play a lot of games using proton almost everything on Steam will play thanks to their console and steamos being linux :slight_smile:

For fortnite - runs but not well - but this is due to Epic not supporting Linux on the anti-cheat client.


There's OBS for linux and as far as I know it comes with exact features as the windows version, so yes you can stream with it.

Games on Linux has been a lot easier nowadays, especially if you're running Steam. Unfortunate Fortnite is not one of them. Which games do yo have in mind otherwise?

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I do warn you tho, that the game you mentioned 'Fortnite' has no plans to support Linux. To my knowledge, if you are able to run the game, EAC is not enabled so you are incapable of playing multiplayer on Linux. This means you can only stay in the lobby and not be able to join any actual matches. Some people do get it working but the experience is horrible, kicks you out or crashes after a while.

There are methods to get your game working like using VMs and other methods but these methods can get you banned, no joke 'Valorant' anti-cheat Vanguard can detect if you're in a VM so you should probably also avoid this. Plus VMs will ruin your FPS, so I wouldn't recommend this method personally.

Please don't wipe your Windows partition yet, you can try dual-booting to test whether your games are supported or not. I too have wiped my partitions and found that a lot of my multiplayer games just don't run due to anti-cheat software, such as Vanguard, EAC, Battleye, etc.

My intentions are not to scare you away from Linux but to just inform you that not all games are supported, especially those with anti-cheat.

should have read all the other replies, I literally said all this for nothing sorry guys

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Dual boot for gaming is the best option currently. While s lot of games are supported through steam, you will get the best experience in windows for the latest games.

Whilst there are some games that are best played in Windows over a gaming platform I now prefer to play games on my PS4 Pro. Currently playing this month's PS Plus membership giveaway of God of War! :grin:
On a side note I can't stand Fortnite - too cartoon like for me! No longer available on PC, but the free Blacklight Retribution is my all-time favourite First Person Shooter:

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