Computer kills all application when closing the laptop

I'm coming from windows and macOS and pretty much a newbie to linux so please forgive the lack of detail in my request for help but i'll try to be as precise as to what's wrong as possible.
I have two main issues with my computer:
#1 When I close my laptop, the screen stays on and i can hear the fan still running. For example if i'm playing a youtube video, the video will keep playing even with the lid off.
2# When i log off my computer (while not shutting it off completely) more often than not when logging back in, all of my apps will be closed and it will be like my laptop started again which really frustrating because i sometimes forget to save my work and its wasting a lot of my time. Additionally, the same problem sometimes arises when i close my laptop without shutting it down. I'll open it back up but when i log back in, it's like it's shut down completely and all of my apps are closed and work is lost...
I use Zorin OS 17 and i have a pretty cheap laptop. Do you know what might cause the issue and how i can fix it?
Thanks in ahead for your help :slight_smile:

You need to increase the swap space to match your installed RAM so when you close your lid on your laptop, your files in RAM will be saved in the swap space. There are many videos on YouTube on how to modify swap.

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