Computer Refuses to Find Bootable Device

I was installing Zorin OS Lite on an HP Stream 14", and it will not find the bootable USB. It won't let me navigate in the boot menu to the EFI file on my USB, and won't let me boot off the USB, even if I force it using the boot order. It always defaults to Windows 10, without hesitation.

Any possible solutions?

Some HP computers must enable USB in the BIOS settings.

While you are in BIOS, please check if you are using Legacy or EFI.

Don't forget to disable secure boot, also in the boot options move the bootloader from windows at the end.

Save the bios, press F9 and your good to go. Unless your usb stick made a faulty flash (or even worse, doesn't get reconized by the laptop. My wife has a hp notebook, 1 usb works and the other does not).

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I agree, let me second that to confirm what other's have said already.

Enter the bios, on some computers thats the DEL key, on other computers its the F2 key.

Disable SECURE BOOT and disable FAST BOOT

In the boot order, tell it the first drive you want to boot from is USB drive. Set the internal hard drive to be 2nd on the list to boot from.

SAVE and exit, which is F10 on my computer, but could be different from yours.

Make sure to hold the LEFT SHIFT key while in the boot sequence, this should force you to enter the boot menu on the Zorin ISO.

If you DON'T have Nvidia GPU, then select option one to install.

If you do have an Nvidia GPU, select Nvidia install version from the list, which is at the bottom.

If you have an Nvidia GPU, but you have issues booting into the ISO with the Nvidia option, then do the first option.

I say this cause Nvidia drivers can always be installed later down the line, after the OS has been installed. Again, only relevent if you have an Nvidia GPU.

Thank you, but I found it out, My laptop doesn't support this USB! That's ok, I have another, but can someone close the topic?