Conditons of Zorin OS PRO tech support


Wanted to ask if Pro tech support would be valid if I'd use BTRFS as my file system. Really enjoyed the snapshotting and compression on write when using Fedora Linux.

I mean - will I get tech support if I install Zorin OS BTRFS partition instead of EXT4?

Your best bet would be to ask the ZorinGroup Pro Support this question directly.
Zorin OS Pro installation support is provided by Artyom and Kyrill Zorin, the Zorin OS Developers.
As you can imagine, that keeps them pretty busy answering questions, so please be patient waiting for a reply.

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Where do I get in touch with ZorinGroup Pro?

Thank you for the informative reply!

You should be able to use the contact information supplied with your emailed copy of Pro.
You also can use the webpage:

I cannot speculate as to what answer they may give you in regards to BRTFS.
However, I can tell you that they are both very easy to talk to and very helpful people.


Zorin OS maybe asking here?

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