Connected Gmail Account shows garbled contacts

I'm a daily macOS user (Macbook) and just started using Zorin (desktop pc) as a secondary OS to get to know Linux better in order to transition away gfrom macOS as easy as possible.

Typical for (most) macOS users, my contacts, reminders, and calendar are all tied to my iCloud account.

In Zorin Settings > Online Accounts I do not see an option to connect an iCloud account so I copied my contacts, calendar, and reminders over to my Gmail account.

At this point I've only had time to confirm that my contacts are synching (I'll be looking at calendar and reminders later).

Contacts that had only business names (no first and last name) are completely broken:

They look fine when viewed online. Any idea how to fix this?

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Did you know there is iCloud for Linux in Software ?

Hi and thanks for offering to help.

Yes, I was aware of that app but noticed it's just a wrapper for the online site. I can use Rambox to accomplish the same thing. Also, I prefer to not use Snap apps.

Lastly, and more importantly, I plan to move away from macOS/iCloud and purchase the new Star Labs Starbook to fully migrate to a Zorin OS desktp + Zorin OS laptop + Android workflow.


Thanks for the explanation. I agree with you. It is always better to avoid Snap and Flatpak if you can.

I hope someone else in the forum can give you a help since I do not use online account in Zorin. I use Thunderbird to sync my calendar and contacts.

Good move :+1:
I was also a Mac user till a few years ago before I made a coming back to Linux. I am sure you would not miss out anything in Linux. You might want to check out a couple of tutorials I wrote about making a touchpad working like that in Mac.

I'll definitely check out your touchpad tutorial when I get my Linux laptop!

By the way, when I connected my Google account I also enabled photos sync but do not know how it works. To where in Zorin OS will my Google photos sync?


I am afraid I cannot help you further. I hope others more experienced than myself like @Aravisian would see this post and give you an advice.

I am also out of my league as these are features I have never used.
In Zorin OS, you may sync Google DrIve to Nautilus.
The above screenshot by the O.P. looks as though he followed these steps here:

There may be an issue with Gnome-Calendar (that is supposed to sync with google calendar) coming pre-installed as a Snap. Snapd sandboxes apps, so for many apps, this renders them useless (Geniuses at Canonical...)

Many users use Evolution (which I have never used).

Actually if you are coming from Mail in macOS, I recommend you to try Thunderbird. It comes with addons which let you sync gmail, Google calender and Google contacts. I have been using it for a long time and I am very happy with it.

Welcome @ron_jeremy, i'm using here Z16 core beta. One thing I've found is Geary (gnome mail default app) syncs beautifully in case you configure your google account and select the option to sync mail. I've just tried to select calendar and I've found the sync is not working either with the default calendar app. In the meantime I've selected contacts and files and both work ok in default contacts and nautilus.

After some tests I manage to put it to work. This is what made the trick:

  1. Manage calendars option and deselect the ones that come by default (personal and birthdays).
  2. Close app
  3. reopen calendar app
    Now I can see all the google account calendars in Z16 beta
    Hope this solution works with you. Cheers
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