Connecting to an FTP server using the file manager fails

I'm trying to connect to an FTP server, using the "Connect to Server" feature of the file manager. When I enter the URL (ftp://user@ip), I get a long pause, and then this error:

If I connect from the command line ftp client, I get through without problems. Is debug information available somewhere, to show what the actual problem is?

the file manager asks you about a user after you've entered the IP Address if I recall correctly

try just ftp://ip

Using ftp://ip prompts for both username and password. But the error remains the same. "Host closed connection" after a long timeout.

Hm, weird, I guess it's time for good old FileZilla

FileZilla revealed what the problem is. I can connect to the server using active mode. I guess the file manager tries to use passive mode, which does not work. Can you convince the file manager to use active mode?

After some searching, I think you're out of luck. Starting at Bug #177814 “nautilus ftp client needs an option to change to ac...” : Bugs : gnome-vfs2 package : Ubuntu and ending at [ubuntu] Active mode FTP in Nautilus? it seems it just was never built into nautilus (the default file manager in Zorin/Ubuntu/Gnome).

You can try your luck searching for "nautilus ftp active mode".

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