Connecting to Wifi

I got Zorin on a distro disk with a magazine. I ran Zorin on my old Dell Inspiron laptop from the DVD to see what it looked like, and it found and connected to my wifi, and I was able to reach the internet and read and interact with web sites. I then installed Zorin on the laptop, restarted, and ... no wifi conenction. Zorin sees the wifi, lists the various wifi setups within range, but will not connect.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

check the Software & Updates

Additional Drivers

what do you see ?

I know if I have the Using Broadcom ......... selected I loose the WiFi

Also, be sure the first thing you do after installation is open a terminal and ensure everything is up to date

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Also in Software Updater, for best results check it is pointing to "Main Server" not a regional server.

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