Constant Stuttering/Laggy feeling


after installing Zorin OS I must say that I recognize some sort of stuttering/laggy feeling in the overall system (not just related to some sort of application or the stuttering cursor).

Is there anything to look for in terms of further diagnosis? I've thought it might have to to with the Nvidia Graphics (RTX 3070), but the newest driver is installed.

Perhaps the SSD is the reason for it? It's an older mSata-SSD from Toshiba that was laying arround.

Is there something I can do to find the cause without immediately changing and reinstalling everything on another SSD?

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Gday @DCied ,
Open "Disks" & click the 3 vertical dots at the top right, & run tha "smart data & self tests" check if it has "OK" on all results...
Please run this & show the results here, to see if the correct drivers are present.

sudo lshw -c video

As for OLD SSD Drives, depending on how often they have been overwritten, They seem to have a life span of 10-20yrs before they begin to have problems,


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